About me

Square Circle Design is me, Barbara Goulet. I fell in love with design in the mid 90’s and taught myself how to use design software without the help of online tutorials. It was challenging but I figured it out and really enjoyed it, so I returned to school and studied Desktop Publishing. The importance of designing for print took me to my first job in pre-press at a print shop. Over the years, I gained a lot of experience and knowledge. I strengthened my skills in pre-press and design so the next natural step for me was to start freelancing, and eventually I created Square Circle Design. 

I have seen design change a lot over the years from printing negatives to working with digital files, from loading all my design software with CDs (which took hours) to downloading everything from the Cloud.  No matter how many years have passed some things remain the same; the importance of listening to and working collaboratively with my clients. This natural process allows me to create what my clients envision and through design I get to bring life to their ideas. I've been fortunate to have worked with numerous clients, in a variety of industries and the diversity of their projects continue to inspire my creative process. 

In addition to my graphic design background I studied photography at the University of Calgary 

I was raised in Calgary and enjoy photography, hiking, cycling, canoeing, our majestic Canadian Rockies and walking my dog.