About me

I fell in love with design in the mid 90s and taught myself how to use Illustrator, Photoshop and QuarkXpress. In order to strengthen my skills, I returned to school and studied Desktop Publishing at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Upon completing the program, I worked in pre-press where I gained valuable experience and knowledge working in pre-press and print design.

Eventually, I began working as a freelance designer and created Square Circle Design focusing primarily on print design. Over the years I have embraced the evolution of design, from developing negatives for print to creating design that can be used online using the latest in design software. No matter how many years have passed some things remain the same; the importance of sharing ideas and working collaboratively with clients, allowing me to create their ideas and bring them to life.

I was raised in Calgary and love travel, photography, hiking, kayaking, dogs and our amazing majestic Rockies.